ISIP Journey 2014

ISIP goes to ASEAN Universities in Thailand and Singapore on November 23rd until 29th 2014. They visited some universities and were having city tour, discussion sessions, presentation of ITS profile and laboratory visitation.

Visit to Trunojoyo University

Madura (13/12). ITS International Office got invitation by University of Trunojoyo Madura (UTM) to have internationalization session in their workshop namely \\\"UTM goes to Internationalization\\\". We brought 15 staff and volunteer & 10 international students for this session.

Surabaya (30/11). This night some of ITS Internasional students and IO volunteers had angklung and saman dance performances in the celebration of 54th Dies Natalis ITS. It\\\\\\\'s totally awesome. How great!

METI Workshop for Japan Internship Program

Surabaya (12/12). Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry (METI) workshop has been successfully held. All of the participants have got many information about Japan work management and learnt some Japan cultures. The workshop held for 5 days started from Monday and ended this friday.

Surabaya (10/10). Studying in engineering field may be tiring and boring. Tight schedules, many assignments, and hard exams may keep the students busy and tired. It can also happens to international students at ITS. However, International Office already made a routine schedule of doing Fun Sport to answer this problem.

School Visit to SMK - Packaging Edition

Surabaya (21/11). Some of ITS International students and IO volunteer visited to SMK 1 Surabaya and SMK 12 Surabaya. They were having packaging session and interesting discussion with the students.

World Class Research Supervisory Workshop

It was held on October, 1st-3rd 2014. One of the speaker in this workshop is Prof. Amrik Sohal from Monash University, Australia.

PKKUI 2014. It was held on September 29th-30th, 2014. There were 35 universities that joined in this program.

Our 3rd CommTECH. There were 57 participants from 19 countries. Awesome momment!

International Insight 2014. Our first International Awareness Day. It was held on August 2nd, 2014. There were 8 contributors that joined our first International Awareness Day.

Community Service Project

Malang (18/08). All of ITS International Office Volunteers had community service project for 3 days in Tribuana Tungga Dewi University, Rowo Terate Village and ended with exploring Sendang Biru Beach. They were also celebrating Indonesia Independence day by singing national anthem song.


ASEAN Language 2014 Workshop

Surabaya (15-16/11/2014). ITS International Office held one of its annual workshops, ASEAN Language 2014 Workshop. It was held at UPMB building attended by 60 participants. They were not just studying about language but also culture. The speakers were native speakers from Malaysia (Ms. Nur Syafiqah Rayme), Myanmar (Ms. Zin Mar Htun), and Thailand (Mr. Kholed

2015 copy
Community and Technological Camp (CommTECH) 2015 (Full Scholarship is Closed)

CommTECH Camp Highlight 2014 has just finished. We have had a fabulous program with 57 participants from 18 different countries. The fabulous program can be viewed through this link Video CommTECH 2014 Please also see the teaser video of CommTECH Camp Insight 2015 in this link However, we've very sorry, FULL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICANTS is