[Announcement] ITS delegates for SIBBC 2016

Congratulation to the following names for becoming ITS delegates in Swiss International Business Boot Camp (SIBBC) 2016. 

Name Student ID Major
First Last
Amanda Putri  Santoso 2813100040 Bsc in Business Management (6th Sem)
Ayu  Citra Islami 2813100020 Bsc in Business Management (6th Sem)
Dwiki Hafizhul  Oktorio 2713100078 Bsc in Material and Metallurgical Engineering (6th Sem)
Ibrahim  Musa 2515206741 Master in Industrial Engineering (3rd Sem)
Jeremy  Christsanto 2813100029 Bsc in Business Management (6th Sem)
Ketut Rina  Purnami Dewi 2813100030 Bsc in Business Management (6th Sem)
Nadya Nurul Fitria  Prasetyo 2512101006 Bsc in Business Management (8th Sem)
Rahaditya Dimas  Prihadianto 2515206002 Master in Industrial Engineering (3rd Sem)

The Swiss International Business Boot Camp offers the Partner University in Indonesia and its students a unique opportunity to participate in an International Program under Swiss Government mandate. Students will work directly to execute a business consulting project for an assigned Swiss Enterprise in Indonesia (located in Bandung, Jakarta, or Surabaya). 

The program will be conducted during June to September with the following timeline :

  1. Program introduction : The third and fourth weeks of June
  2. Preparation* : The fourth week of July
  3. Company information gathering* : The first to fourth weeks of August
  4. Analysis and report writing : The first and second weeks of September
  5. Report presentation* : The third week of September
  6. Project wrap-up : The fourth week of September


Briefing will be conducted for the delegates at :
Day, date : Monday and Friday, 13 and 17 June 2016
Time       : 13.00 – 15.00
Place      : Ruang Sidang Depan – Rectorate building 1F
Kindly confirm your attendance by sending us email at (Lely)