(NEW CONCEPT) Community and Technological Camp (CommTECH) Highlight 2017

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Continuing the success of 2012 to 2016 Community and Technological (CommTECH) Camp, ITS International Office is again holding CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017 with new concept. Listening to the voice of the former participants, we decided to extend the program to 14 days in order to provide more interaction among participants. This program will be held on 12 – 25 July 2017. Not only that, the coming CommTECH Highlight 2017 will be organized in a form of Project based Learning (PbL). Participants will be team up & given a real problem related to the topic to be solved. More engagement among participants, facilitators, and community is truly encouraged. It becomes even more attractive because at the end of the program, all participants will have an opportunity to present their project and ideas developed during the program in front of wider audience in the CommTECH Ideas. CommTECH Ideas is an international student conference which invites students and young researchers from all around the world to share knowledge and ideas to solve real problems in society with multidisciplinary approach. Check this link and feel the thrill

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendar and register now for this terrific program. Many experiences beyond your imagination await.

More about CommTECH Camp:

CommTECH  Camp is an opportunity for university students, academics, and professionals from all over the world to learn about community and global issues through a variety of insightful but fun activities. The program includes courses, visit and discussion with government and non-government agencies, society engagement, Indonesian language course, learning traditional music and dances, visit to main tourist destinations, and for sure tasting delicious Indonesian food. The aim of the program is to facilitate a broad opportunity to better understand ITS's expertises and technology implementation in the society while visiting, discovering, and experiencing Indonesia's diverse heritage and culture. It will also open up an opportunity to exchange ideas and develop a mutual vision for the future of our community.

The theme of the program is “Solving Local Problems with Global Knowledge”.  Our organizing committee has been working hard to make the program a truly memorable experience for all participants. The brochure and registration form are attached here for your perusal.

Brochure of CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017

Please check the Teaser Video in this link

or you can download the video from this link

CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017 offers 2 fascinating courses:

Sub Course A: Sustainable Urban Water Management

This course introduces participants to the concept of Sustainable Urban Water Management. The participants will learn on how cities in developing countries can have better chances towards more sustainable, resilient and livable conditions. Participants will be exposed to real water related problems and expected to solve a community based problem using science and technology through a multi-disciplinary approach.

Please check the syllabus at this link Sub Course A_Sustainable Urban Water Management

Sub Course B: Smart City

This course introduces participants to the concept of smart city and how Surabaya evolves towards a smart city. Many aspects of smart city including urban planning, infrastructure, the use of ICT, transportation, environment and economic will be evaluated through an interactive teaching method and a lot of site visits. Participants will also get involved in discussions with community and government agencies to address a case study based on Surabaya’s condition.

Please check the syllabus at this link Sub Course B_Smart City

Only active lecturers, non-academic staffs & active students (bachelor, master & doctoral) from any background are eligible for this program.

The fee of this program is USD 1,600 and covers accommodation, local transportation, tuition fee, workshop materials, seminar kits, scheduled meals, trip to Bromo mountain, rafting, airport pick up & drop off services, and vouchers. The fee excludes roundtrip flight ticket, visa, travel & health insurance.

We offer full scholarship, 50% scholarship (pay only USD 800) & partial scholarship (pay only USD 1,000) for limited participants. Please register early to secure your participation in this awesome program.

The registration will be opened from 26 December 2016 – 26 May 2017

Please fill in the attached registration form (or download the registration form from this link CommTECH Camp Highlight 2017 Registration Form  ), scan it, and send it to and cc to with the documents below :

– Scanned passport

– A recommendation letter from your university

– Scanned students/staffs/lecturers I.D or statement letter that you are staff or lecturers from your university

Indonesian students & the participants of the previous CommTECH Camp are not allowed to apply to CommTECH Highlight 2017. 

For further inquiries, please contact Mr. Wahyu at /

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