Global Health Seminar for Young Professionals – Kuala Lumpur



Dear ITS Students,

United Nations University – International Institute for Global Health, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will hold Global Health Seminar for Young Professionals with theme “GOVERNANCE CHALLENGES FOR PLANETARY HEALTH AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN SOUTHEAST ASIA” from 6-8 March 2017. The participants, up to 40; are advance undergraduates, newly enrolled graduate students as well as young professionals from civil society, public and private sectors. Related interest area is in public health, environmental sciences, international relations, development, public policy, or related disciplines.

Please note that we will cover for the seminar costs ie lunch, tea, venue and lectures, only. All other costs will be borne by each participant themselves. 

Interested applicants should send a short letter of interest and a one page resume on or before

8th December 2016 to

More information is available on the institute website at: