(Information from Kumamoto University) Application for Double Degree Program- Master and Doctoral Course, Oct. 2015

GSST offers the Double Degree Program to master's and doctoral students from ITS Surabaya.

Students who successfully completed the requirements will be conferred with a master's or doctoral degree from their home university and Kumamoto University.


  • Students have to apply for admission to both home university and Kumamoto University according to their guidelines.
  • Payment of entrance fee and tuitions at Kumamoto University is specified in each agreement.
  • Students have to spend at least one academic year in Kumamoto University.

Eligibility for application

Applicants should be enrolled or going to enroll as a master or doctoral student at a university with which GSST has concluded an agreement on Double Degree Program.

Deadline: 17 pm. June 8, 2015

Application form:

Further info:

Contact person:
Kumamoto University Liason Officer
Mia Hernawati
Tel: +62-31-5966985
Fax: +62-31-5966986
Mobile phone: +62-31-71931258