New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship 2016


The New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship (NZAS) seek to  make a substantial contribution to the ASEAN region's development by providing opportunities for postgraduate study – i.e. Postgraduate certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, Master's & PhD Degrees in New Zealand. The scholarships are part of New Zealand's official development assistance to the ASEAN region. From the total of 182 Scholarships for ASEAN countries, up to 50 scholarships per annum are available for Indonesia applicants. 

The NZAS priorities are aligned with the New Zealand Aid Programme Country Strategy 2012 – 2016 and preference to candidate whose study interest areas of agriculture development, renewable energy, disaster risk management, publik sektor management,private sector departmenet and english language teaching.

For the requirement and information about criteria, institutional and other please visit this link

The deadline of this application are April 30, 2015 and should be submitted to PT Austraining Nusantara (PTAN), NZAS Managing Service Contractor.


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