Sharing Session & Special Performance by Dong Eui University


Tuesday 11th August 2015, ITS was visited by Students of Dong Eui University from Busan, Korea. They performed Korean traditional music, taekwondo, and K-Pop dance at SCC 3rd floor ITS.

ITS students really enjoyed their performances. After performing in SCC, Students of Dong Eui University had campus tour. They visited Informatics Department and Biology Department.

When campus tour the participant from the Dong Eui University was split in half, one group visited Informatics Department, and the rest visited Biology Department. In Informatics Department they visited some laboratory like programming laboratory and software engineering laboratory.

The other participants who visited the Biology Department they visited some laboratory and had been taught how to make Tempe.

The students of Dong Eui University came to Surabaya because the partnership between the Surabaya city and Busan city. “The Global Volunteer Corp.” was the name of the event. One of its activities was visiting ITS.