UTP ASEAN Student Forum 2017

asf17 poster

Dear ITS students,

Universiti Teknologi Petronas Malaysia (UTP) will be holding international student forum intended to create a discussion platform between distinguished universities and colleges in ASEAN. This discussion aims to integrate different ASEAN communities regarding fields of interest with respect to issues and changes brought about by ASEAN Integration Initiative.

The main topic of this discussion is humanitarian issues, specifically:

  • Youths and Social on Humanitarian Issues
  • Youths and Media on Humanitarian Issues
  • Youths and Environment on Humanitarian Issues
  • Youths and Economy on Humanitarian Issues
  • Youths and Politic on Humanitarian Issues

This forum will be held on September 25th-27th. Registration starts from April and will end on August 24th.

For detailed information as well as registration links, fees, and forum schedules, visit

Any inquirie can be directed to ASF 2017 PR Officer Refael Naibaho at (+60) 13 44 33 292 or mail to